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ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet
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ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet


From ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet, prevent the extinction of the Earth. Are you capable of rescuing the planet? This is the first ecology-related educational game to be created. Examine the causes of actual environmental issues, their solutions, and the efforts being made by people all around the world to prevent the annihilation of our planet. Play the game to have a better idea of the actions you could take to save the Earth.

How To Play

At an early stage of the game's growth, the player's ultimate objective is to stabilize the ecological situation over the entire world. Then gradually improve and repair the state of the environment on Earth. You will receive information about the outcome of your work at the end of the game. You must respond quickly and deliberately because every move has a unique set of consequences.

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