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Idle Merge City

Idle Merge City

Idle Merge City
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Idle Merge City


In Idle Merge City, you can design your own city and make a ton of money from it. The properties that will turn you into the world's richest billionaire. Purchase a plot of land for your own use, erect a residence, and click to earn money. Additionally, you can combine similar homes to build bigger, prettier homes and make more money than ever. The appeal of this game is that you don't need to pay attention to it; you can work and play it simultaneously without worrying about failing because it is entirely idle work. You won't lose all of your money if you get sidetracked for five to ten minutes. More idle games are coming everday, check it out!

How To Play

Simply click a plot of land, then click and drag a house onto itself to combine it with its neighbor.

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