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Planet Attack Clicker

Planet Attack Clicker

Planet Attack Clicker
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Planet Attack Clicker


Explore several worlds in the huge universe in the game Planet Attack Clicker. To complete the game's missions, click to destroy planets, collect coins, and upgrade cutting-edge weapons.

The galactic council decided to obliterate one of the worlds because no one had lived there for a very long period. You must approach the mission in this online game called Planet Attack Clicker seriously. Shoot clicks on the planet's surface to take action in order to destroy the crust. As a result, the planet will eventually disintegrate into tiny bits.

In order to improve the strength when attacking planets, you can upgrade weapons such as Rocket Damage, Click Damage, Spawn Rate,... to many various levels throughout the game. Also, the game has access to daily updates like:

  • Day 1: extra 50 gold coins
  • Day 3: plus 10% coins
  • Day 7: damage additional 15% from clicks

Play the entertaining game Planet Attack Clicker to explore the vast universe and take advantage of all the exciting upgrades available.

How To Play

Use mouse or touch to play

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