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Tap For Money Restaurant

Tap For Money Restaurant

Tap For Money Restaurant
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Tap For Money Restaurant


Tap For Money Restaurant is a new idle game with restaurant and real estate theme. You as a lessor of a chain of restaurants in the cities will increase the rent by a certain amount to make as much money as possible. Start with a small restaurant, then you can expand to larger restaurants to collect more money. After you have unlocked all the restaurants, you can hire more workers to work for you to reduce the burden. The number of clicks will give you the corresponding number of people hired. Consider the amount of money you spend to rationally spend, remembering that people working in big cities will spend more money to hire. You can look at the amount of profit you earn at the top of the game screen to consider spending on the business. Have fun!

How To Play

Tap on the first house of every city to increase revenue

Tap or Hold to upgrade your house and reach the milestone upgrade

Tap on the Workers button to hire some of them (WorkersTap on the house for you)

Tap one time to hire one worker, the more you click, the more workers you hire

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