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Cookie Clicker


Hello and welcome to Cookie Clicker. Your goal in this game is to click on the cookie that appears on the screen. You will continuously receive a cookie for each click. You can buy upgrades to increase the number of cookies per click as your cookie total rises.

When you have collected enough cookies, the following updates in this arcade game will be displayed:

- CURSOR: When you have accumulated 15 cookies. once every 10 seconds on autopilot

- When you reach 100 cookies, GRANDMA says. More cookies will be made for you by a sweet grandma who will arrive. Your cookie business will flourish thanks to this kind woman; first, the neighborhood will start to rave about your goods, and eventually everyone in town will know about them.

- Purchase a cookie FARM to expand your business and grow more cookies.

- MINE: to retrieve cookies from the Earth's interior

- FACTORY: Following the extraction of a significant quantity of cookies from the mine, you will need to manufacture cookies on an industrial scale.

- The cookie and rising to fame ECONOMY changes the environment around it; for example, chocolate pollutes rivers and there is an obesity epidemic.

However, experts claim that "cookies permeate the economy" and "we cannot live without cookies" because people are too addicted to them.

- The cookie has become so well-liked that all BANKS have adopted it as legal tender.

- Thousands of people prayed for Baker at TEMPLES. Cookies are everything, and since you can make hundreds of thousands of them every second, everything eventually becomes overwhelming.

- To summon cookies in the following level, construct WIZARD TOWERS and ALCHEMY LABS.

- After that, you will travel by SHIP to an alien planet.

- If necessary, you can then access additional PORTALS to parallel dimensions and consume millions of cookies per second.

How To Play

- Click repeatedly on the large cookie in the middle of your screen
- When you can unlock upgrades, you can create more value with just one click
- Try to create as much value as possible and build an enormous cookie empire in the universe


  • Try to reach cursor as the first upgrade
  • Click repeatedly to get Grandma's help
  • Expand to the farms
  • Work hard to reach Shipments level
  • Buy as many upgrades as you can

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