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Crowd Lumberjack

Crowd Lumberjack

Crowd Lumberjack
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Crowd Lumberjack


Crowd Lumberjack is a fun game where you need to grab an ax and get to work! Recruit as many idle lumberjacks as you can and start constructing houses and buildings on the island! Create a wonderful city and discover the island. Begin the game alone and gather a swarm of lumberjacks as you advance through the levels. Become a powerful mob of lumberjacks on the island. Only the toughest and most coordinated team can clear a large forest and build a city. Join all the lumberjacks on the island and enhance their skills. The stronger and faster lumberjacks are, the more work they have on the island.


How To Play

WASD = move.

Left - click = interact with in - game UI.

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