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There are game modes, including 2 Normal Worlds (Ben Hills and San Dimas) and 2 Tournament Modes (PVP Mode - Level 3; and Car Mode - Level 4). The player's goal will be different in each mode.

  • Two worlds: Your goal is to kill the zombies and save the survivors from the onslaught.
  • PVP Mode: When your enemies are other players, kill them and be the ultimate winner.
  • Care Mode: Leave the heart of the apocalypse by finding gas for your car.

Besides the objectives, the game also has a lot of other interesting features, such as unlocking 9 levels of Heroes, upgrading passive abilities. There is also a shop where you can get items and rewards. The game also has up to 14 different languages for the convenience of players.

Show your full ability and hand-eye coordination to break the game.


How To Play

Keep your thumb on the screen while dragging the mouse.

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