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Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi Clicker

Kiwi Clicker
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Kiwi Clicker


Kiwi Clicker is regarded as a nice, enjoyable, and adorably adorable clicking game. In this game, the player will assume the role of a bird and generate tons of kiwis that are brought to the castle in exchange for cash.

Enjoy continuous kiwi production while planning to make your operation more productive. You also need to improve your production chain by boosting speed, storing more, and many other things. It's worth playing this clicker game because it has gorgeous graphics and engaging sound effects. It fosters a tranquil environment for people seeking to unwind following a demanding workday.

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Have fun!


How To Play

Click the giant kiwi to make more products and send it to the castle

Earn more money and optimize your process

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