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eSport Gamer Tycoon

eSport Gamer Tycoon

eSport Gamer Tycoon
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eSport Gamer Tycoon


You can become a pro gamer in eSport Gamer Tycoon. Focus your mind and click as fast as possible to get more experience, coins, levels. The more you click, the more levels you collect, coins and levels. Next, you can create a group with friends in the same industry to develop your career. Complete with the help of the black cat - it will help you identify the items and help you understand more about how to play this game. Everything will bring you benefits, about the rest of this clicker will have to discover on your own, don't be a noob! Mark Stream and win followers, they will make you go up. Good luck!

How To Play

Click to play this game

Follow the instructions of the black cat to understand how this game works

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