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Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest

Merge Harvest
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Merge Harvest


In the fun merge game Merge Harvest, you can create a wide variety of interesting items. Mix and match, complete tasks, and stay on track! There will be a plethora of thrilling missions and adventure to partake in. Establish order in the playground, amass materials for making necessary repairs to the building, and grow edible plants. Increase output by upgrading your constructions, and add space to your warehouses. Get money and health by collecting unusual items and opening chests.

How To Play

See what results from merging three identical items!

- Merge three or more elements on the field to create new items;

- Explore uncharted areas;

- Trim weeds from the field to make it weed-free;

- Gather the available resources and rebuild the houses;

- Get to know the locals by cooking their preferred meals!

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