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Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker

Planet Clicker
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Planet Clicker


In the straightforward clicker game Planet Clicker, your objective is to boost energy production and conquer new planets. Purchase and improve a variety of energy production tools, then observe the units work!

Settle on the solar system


Earth and several energy improvements are included at the beginning of Planet Clicker. Building farms, power plants, and other structures, as well as improving your clicking ability, can all help you produce more energy.


You can buy Mars through an interplanetary energy unit transfer if you have accumulated enough energy from Earth. The red planet has a number of new advancements, including solar oil, coal, nuclear, and extraterrestrial technology.


Venus is the last planet, and it costs 1 trillion energy units to buy it. This planet has a variety of technologies, including lava, iron, and the unidentified "future technology" upgrade towards the bottom of the list.

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How To Play

To create energy, left-click on the planets.

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