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Doge Miner
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Doge Miner


The Doge Miner game is unquestionably something to take into consideration if you're seeking for anything more than just a straightforward clicker. Doge is a well-known Internet meme that blends features of click-based games with strategy games.

The objective of the game is to send Doge to the moon, but in order to accomplish it, you must accumulate as many points as you can. As an active clicker, this game won't let you simply push a button and watch your score rise. Bonuses that must be acquired will continuously come during the game.

This game also features a loot system. You will continuously get new achievements during the game. A pickaxe is an active equipment that your Doge will use to reach the moon, whereas loot is a passive item that enhances some of your qualities. Each pickaxe is a different point miner and has its own set of attributes.

Additionally, players can visit the store to look at the upgrades. You may purchase little Doge companions in the store to gain points more quickly, and there are other interesting items available as well, such a space rocket that lets you travel to the moon.

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How To Play

Click to the doge and try to make as many points as possible

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