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Clicker Heroes
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Clicker Heroes


A amusing idle game is called Clicker Heroes. Along the way, your goal is to overthrow many mythical creatures and monsters. To help you destroy foes more quickly, earn gold, enhance your heroes, and unlock new satisfying talents.


- Unrestricted progression: Jump between zones to slay enemies, gather riches, and purchase equipment and upgrades that will let you advance to higher zones and open even greater advancements. When you have enough strength, advance to the following realm where you will run into even more formidable foes and fantastic treasure!

- Skills: Unlock a variety of lucrative abilities to help you kill enemies more quickly. There are options like Big Clicks, Huge Clicks, Multiclicks, and more. Find the optimum rotation and combination for maximum DPS!

- Planets: In search of ever-increasing wealth, conquer a vast number of distinctive worlds, each with its own special animals!

Automator: Configure the automator to run the game while you are away. You may automatically level up your equipment, acquire new equipment, and create complex skill combinations. Create the best automator sequences to make the most of your time.

- Massive Skill Tree: Select your own path to success by improving your stats and skills with the massive skill tree's hundreds of spectacular enhancements.

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How To Play

Click on the creatures to slay them and take their gold. Hire new heroes with your gold to up your damage output. You gain more gold the more harm you deal.

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