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Poop Clicker 2

Poop Clicker 2

Poop Clicker 2
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Poop Clicker 2


Poop Clicker 2 is an exciting clicker game that belongs to the Poop Clicker series of games. Your task in the game is to explore the upgrade levels by clicking on the poop icon and use it to buy items.

The goal of the game is very basic and easy - to earn points and improve your skills you have to click on the giant Poop in the middle of the screen. Your skill at the start of this challenge is very low and there is almost no reward but be patient. Click poop as fast as possible to upgrade the required amount of poop.

Even if there are some other online clicker games, Poop Clicker is still a famous game thanks to its outstanding features. It has many improvements and upgrades in Poop Clicker 3 but you can also find attractions in this version. Note that our website automatically saves your game session so you won't have to worry about going offline

The price of each item increases exponentially with each upgrade, 15% more expensive than the most recently purchased property of the same type.

  • Hands: 10 emojis
  • Baby: 100 emojis
  • Toilet: 1000 emojis
  • Cow: 5000 emojis
  • Farm: 10 thousand emojis
  • Factory: 100 thousand emojis
  • City: 10m emoji
  • Earth: 1b emoji

How To Play

Click the giant poop to play

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