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Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2

Planet Clicker 2
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Planet Clicker 2


Planet Clicker 2 is a clicker game set in space where you build an empire by farming resources, trading with other players, and stopping crises. The game is free to play, but you can move through it faster if you buy things inside the app. The game is played over the course of weeks or months, as you slowly unlock more buildings, find new resources, and grow your empire. It's a formula that's getting harder to master because it's getting more complicated. But Planet Clicker 2 might be the best game that follows the pattern so far. If Planet Clicker was one of the best examples of how the formula works, that is. It's hard to get this formula right, and even the best games have problems sometimes. But Planet Clicker 2 always gives players what makes the original game so fun. You'll want to keep playing this game even after you've built the biggest empire possible.

How To Play

Planet Clicker 2 is about accumulating resources. Best way to play is to click on buildings as they produce resources (such as corn or bricks). This will boost your rank. Planet Clicker 2 has several goodies. The first is a simple monetary bonus gained by clicking on an ad. The second bonus is a crisis that requires you to solve an equation before it detonates and destroys your city. Depending on how quickly you defuse the crisis, you'll get coins. The third form of bonus is presents from other players, which are mainly cash but sometimes blueprints or rare materials like uranium.

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