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Idle Zombie Guard

Idle Zombie Guard

Idle Zombie Guard
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Idle Zombie Guard


When the siren sounds, the undead guardsmen venture out, as seen in Idle Zombie Guard. To defeat the zombies, you'll need to work together. They intend to wipe out computer systems that house servers. Weapons aimed at the servers are required. These points can be used to upgrade your base's weapons and turrets. If you need ammo or to heal up, make sure to stop by the "Market." With each successive wave, the zombies' strength grows. The ICE Gun is the only weapon capable of destroying the Fire Zombies. Computer systems must be kept safe from the undead. Have a good time with this action game!

How To Play

Player 1: Move: W,A,S,D Hit: F Grenade: G Jump: W(Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: Q
Player 2: Move: ARROW KEYS Hit: L Grenade: K Jump: UP ARROW KEY (Walk on the wall) Switch weapon: P


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