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Just Farm

Just Farm

Just Farm
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Just Farm


For a change, try your hand at farming in Just Farm! Do you want to discover the allure of rural life? Spend money on sheep, raise them, harvest their wool, and develop new breeds. Create the worlds of your imagination! What will the next experience bring for you?

- A lot of stages, each with an own set of difficult tasks and exhilarating rewards to obtain.

- A game with tough gameplay; - Lovingly drawn, funny, and adorable sheep.

- A welcoming and cordial online setting

- The capacity to keep track of one's experience

- Easy controls

- Images that are vividly colored.

How To Play

By buying sheep, caring for them, trading with them, selling their wool, and collecting eggs from chickens, you can build the pastures of your dreams. Put your farming prowess to the test.

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