Play Dogeminer

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What is Play Dogeminer



Play Dogeminer for free online on cookieclicker-games.com.

Dogeminer is one of the most exciting clicker games for free online.
Easy to play:
- Mine dogecoins by clicking/tapping the pickaxe on the screen. With each click, you will earn one coin.
- Try to get more dogecoins, using your coin to upgrade from the shop! Use your coins to buy upgrades that will help you mine dogecoins even faster each period.
- Unlock one by one high-level upgrades!
- Apter has a big coin balance. You can go to the moon on a spaceship and can buy new investments and upgrades.
Begin by using a wooden pickaxe for single coins to go to the moon, where you can earn millions of coins per second! Watch your coins pile up right before your eyes. It is very addicting.
Don't be fooled by the simplicity of it. It'll look silly at first, but after you play, have the coin to upgrade, you'll see why it addicting many players in the world.
You can play Dogeminer for a long time. It doesn't require 100% of your attention. You can go away and keep mining dogecoins while you do other things.
You can become a new Dogeminer master. Don't let your friends and other players beat you. They've already played.


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